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The National Avalanche School is the nation’s oldest and most acclaimed avalanche training program for snow safety professionals. The National Avalanche School offers an extensive curriculum and gives students an unprecedented opportunity to interact with many of the industry’s leading experts.The National Avalanche School offers comprehensive professional avalanche training for ski patrollers, avalanche forecasters and control specialists, mountain managers, as well as Forest Service, National Park Service and other land management personnel.



Class2 The National Avalanche School’s curriculum follows the American Avalanche Association guidelines and while it focuses on ski area management it provides great essentials for all individuals & agencies involved with avalanche control.



The NAS is is held in 2 parts - a four and a half day classroom session held in the Fall of odd-numbered years followed by a four day field session held in the Winter of even-numbered years.  Participants must attend and successfully pass the classroom session in order to attend one of the field sessions.  


The next classroom session will be held in October 2017.  The next series of field session will be held in January & February of 2018.

“The National Avalanche School teaches best practices including comprehensive avalanche forecasting and risk reduction skills which, importantly, may reduce your resorts risk exposure.” 
Dave Byrd, NSAA Director of Risk


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