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Pdf Icon NAS Classroom Agenda (as of 9/3/19)


Student Prework  

This prework is extensive and requires a serious amount of time on your part before you arrive at the School. Don’t plan on completing the prework while you are at the School or you will find yourself falling behind. The volume of material can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. We suggest beginning the prework several weeks before the classroom session. You’ll not only benefit more from the learning opportunities at the School, you’ll enjoy your experience more. 

Click on the links below to access each file/prework assignment.


 Pdf Icon The Avalanche Hazard Conceptual Model


 Pdf Icon  Mountain Snowpack

          Pdf Icon  The Mountain Snowpack, Richard Armastron

          Pdf Icon  The Basic Ideas Behind Snow Metamorphism, Sam Colbeck

          Pdf Icon  Recycled Power and Other Types of Near-Surface Faceting, Karl Birkeland


 Pdf Icon  Avalanche Formation & Release

          Pdf Icon  Review of spatial variability of Snowpack properties and its importance for avalanche formation,

                     Schweizer, Kronholm, Jamieson, and Birkeland

          Pdf Icon  Post-Control Avalanches, Liam Fitzgerald


 Pdf Icon  Snow Profiles, Stability Tests & Interpretation


 Pdf Icon  Weather & Its Effect on Snow

           Pdf Icon The Avalanche Handbook (1976) - pages 7-10

           Pdf Icon The Avalanche Handbook (1976) - pages 11-15

           Pdf Icon The Avalanche Handbood (2006) - pages 32-34


 Pdf Icon  Weather Data Collection & Display


 Pdf Icon  Avalanche Hazard Evaluation - Practical Applications

          Pdf Icon  Ying, Yang, and You, Roger Atkins


Explosives & the Snowpack  - NO PREWORK


 Pdf Icon  Where Professionals Make Mistakes

          Pdf Icon  Where Professionals Make Mistakes - Lecture Outline


 Pdf Icon  Avalanche Protection Fundamentals AND Ski Area Operations

          Pdf Icon  Considerations for Avalanche Hazard Reduction at Ski Areas, Paul Baugher


Decision Making for Avalanche Professionals - NO PREWORK


 Pdf Icon  Operational Avalanche Rescue


 Pdf Icon  Avalanche Rescue Technology

          Pdf Icon  Avalanche Rescue Technology - Reading - Dale Atkins


 Pdf Icon  Wet Snow & Wet Snow Avalanches

           Pdf Icon  Wet Snow Articles - TAR26.4

           Pdf Icon  Of Wet Snow, Slush, and Snowballs, Sam Colbeck - TAR13.5