IMG 3330Field sessions give students an opportunity to put the skills they learned in the classroom to use in actual hands-on scenarios while being coached and mentored by leaders in the industry.  The lessons learned in the field are an essential piece to a student’s over-all avalanche training.  


The Americal Avalanche Institute will be the course provider for the NAS affiliated field sessions.  These sessions will be available to graduates of the 2015 & 2017 NAS classroom sessions.


2019 Field Sessions - Dates & Locations:

  • January 8-11 --- Jackson Hole Mountain Resort - Session Closed
  • February 25-28 --- Kirkwood Mountain Resort - 2 spaces available as of 1/14/19

Check out the AAI website for additional information and to register for a field session.


Students are trained and evaluated on the following skills:

  • Demonstrate small party avalanche rescue response
  • Take and interpret weather station observations
  • Utilize morning and evening stability worksheets
  • Communicate the avalanche risk to team members
  • Assess and analyze avalanceh terrain
  • Manage a small group in terrain appropriate for the avalanche problem
  • Select appropriate snowpit sites
  • Systematically execute a snowpit, including weak layer identification and stability tets
  • Develop solid observational and documentation skills of snow, weather and avalances.