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The National Avalanche Foundation—a 501(c)(3) organization—was formed in 1982 to ensure the successful continuation of the National Avalanche School (NAS).  The NAS is recognized as one of today’s leading US professional avalanche education & training programs with roots that trace back to the 1950’s United States Snow and Avalanche School held in Alta, Utah. 


The Foundation’s #1 goal is to guarantee the existence of this premier school well into the future and it is seeking partners to provide financial support that will enable it to do so. Without the NAS, US avalanche programs lose the consistent, professional training and the information sharing it provides.


Increasing challenges are depleting the NAF endowment fund:

• Escalating program costs
   Increased travel, hotel, conference facility expenses, and insurance costs.
• Challenging weather
   A number of ski areas have reduced their training budgets as a result of seasonal weather events.
• Increased competition from other course providers
   Less expensive, less professional training programs are being substituted.


Here's how you can help:

The Foundation is seeking $20,000/annually through grants, sponsorships, and donations to support its efforts.  


• Donation

Individuals or companies can make a general donation The School.  These funds will go directly towards program production costs which inturn will help keep registration fees affordable.

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For additional information on how your can support the National Avalanche Foundation

and the National Avalanche School, please e-mail info@avalancheschool.org or call (303) 987-1111.